Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Grand Opening of Luhu Stitches


I did it!

I have officially opened my Etsy shop Luhu Stitches!

This is the header for my shop

I can't wait for you to see the three patterns I posted today so I thought I would give you a quick snap shot of each.

Aunt Bea
This is Aunt Bea.  She is a little chicken who patiently sits in her nest giving an occasional squawk to let you know that she's hard at work.

Luhu Bird
This is Luhu Bird.  He's a little chick who is ready for any new adventure. Right now he's in his knit cap and earmuffs, ready for a day in the snow but he's planning on doing a lot more throughout the year.  Keep your eye out for this little guy.

Sun and Moon Sampler
And finally (for now) this is my Sun and Moon Sampler which includes the assurance that Jesus Christ is never changing. 

Please come on by and pay a visit at the shop.  While there is not a lot in stock now there will be regular additions and I hope you won't miss any of them. 

And visit me back here tomorrow.  I'll be writing more posts over the next few days talking about each of the above patterns and the design process.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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