Monday, April 11, 2016

...and the next stitch makes an X

Welcome to the home of luhu stitches!

I am so happy to have you stop by and find out a little more about my little adventure in stitching.

I began my love affair with textiles and colors long ago on the lap of my mother.  She has, from my earliest memory, always had some sort of project going that involved thread, yarn, floss or string (and for a while in the 70's, macrame rope).

When she learned to crochet, she taught me how to crochet.  When she learned how to do crewel embroidery, she taught me how to do some simple embroidery.  I don't even remember when she taught me to sew.  When she started counted cross stitch, (way back in the late 80's) she tried to teach me.  However, by then, I was in college taking graphic design courses and I looked down my stubby nose at such homey crafts.  (She also tried to get me to try my hand at quilting.)

In design school I was immersed in the world of color, type, and layout.  Playing with paper, ink and paint was fun, if a bit messy.

After college and receiving my degree, I got married and my husband (a forester) got a job in an area that had very little call for graphic designers.  I managed to design a few business cards and some signage but finally ended up taking a job as a medical office receptionist in order to help pay the bills.

About this time my Mom and Dad came to visit us in our new mountain community and she brought along a copy of Better Homes and Gardens that had a counted cross stitch pattern in it.  For some reason it intrigued me.   Maybe it was because I was now living with a beautiful mountain peering in my front window.

Or because our only source of heat was a wood stove and cooling, a window fan. Or because I had just planted my very first garden.  Or because I was a newly wed and feeling that desire to explore all the home arts (I also took up home canning about this time!).  Whatever the reason, my Mom took advantage of the situation and we headed into town to find some embroidery floss, Aida clothe and a copy machine. 
And so I began.  I worked on my new project everywhere.  It went with me on visits to see family and friends, baseball games (go Giants!), picnics, camping and anywhere else I could take it.  Finally it was finished.

Sadly it has remained unframed, unpillowed, or unused all these years...don't ask me why. Kind of weird I know; but I do plan on framing it and mounting it on the wall above my desk to help inspire me in the next phase of my cross-stitching journey.

What next phase you ask?  Well stay-tuned and join me for my next blog installment and I'll share with you just what that is! 

Thank you for stopping by and reading!  Happy stitching!

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